Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Download Accelerator Plus Beta Multilanguage

Download Accelerator Plus Beta Multilanguage | 11.9 MB

Download Accelerator Plus - a new version of the utility Download Accelerator Plus, which allows in certain cases to expedite the process of downloading files from the Internet. Supports simultaneous downloads from multiple servers, resume after the disconnection, auto power off the computer after the session. The utility has a built-in search for files on servers. Download Accelerator Plus integrates well with browsers, supports proxy, etc. Also supported by the Russian interface.

Main Features of Download Accelerator Plus:
The maximum possible download speed of files:
• proved - patented Extended
• tested - 180 million users
• recognized - the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2008
Automatic acceleration sourcing
• Find the fastest sources downloads
• Go to a quick source during the boot file for super fast downloads
Safe Loading
• Vladstudio safer to see that the leading security software say about your files
Stop and resume
• Continuation of terminated or suspended downloads
Preview Video
• Watch a video during uploads
• Ability to directly from DAPa put links on Twitter
File Shredder
• Complete destruction of files
Preview ZIP archives
• Preview and unzip ZIP files during the download
Confidential download
• Lock, hide and protect your downloads
Cleaning the tracks downloads
• Complete removal of traces of downloads on your computer

Download Accelerator Plus Beta Multilanguage.


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