Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A jQuery Plugin for Custom, CSS Styled, Retweet Buttons

Custom Retweet Buttons – a jQuery Plugin that allows you to build your own Custom Retweet Buttons and style it however you like with CSS from the ground up.
Plugin works by using two APIs, it goes to topsy to get the tweet count of the url and then it goes to bit.ly to get a shortened link.
When creating the templates for the button markup and default retweet text, there are a number of variables available like:

count – The total number of tweets the url has.
title – The title of the page (can be overridden in the settings)
url – The full url of the page (can be overridden in the settings)
account – The twitter account to use in the retweetTemplate.
shortURL – The bit.ly shortened version of the full url.
allTweetsURL – The link to all tweets of the url on topsy.

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