Thursday, September 9, 2010

Css Compressors to Optimize your Css Code

One of the most important thing when developing websites is page loading speed, to load as quickly as possible, especially in the case of large websites with lots of CSS code where faster loading means increased usability and user satisfaction.
CSS Compression tools improves your load time performance by removing comments from code, placing each command in one single line, removing unneeded ‘white space’ characters like space, new line, and tab to reduce its size.
Keep in mind, if you really want to optimize website performance, after the development stage, you should go further with CSS sprites, minifying JavaScript, gzip compression and caching your files.
Try out these online CSS optimization tools, some of them also offer JavaScript compression, and see how they can speed up website response time and save your bandwidth as well.

Online CSS Compression Tools

1. CSS Compressor – comes in 2 modes: Normal and Advanced. You can choose from three levels of compression. The ‘Normal’ mode should work well in most cases, creating a good balance between the two.
2. Clean CSS – CSS Formatter and Optimiser based on csstidy available in English, German and French.
3. CSS Compressor at - select from 4 levels of compression, depending on how legible you want the compressed CSS to be versus degree of compression.
4. CSS Optimizer at - Optimize CSS via URI, File Upload or directly input CSS code into the form. There is no any fancy options.
5. CSS Compressor – another one based on CSSTidy
6. online CSS Compression Tool - this CSS minification tool uses part of the JavaScript port of the YUI Compressor, and part of the W3 CSS Validator. You can upload a CSS file, specify CSS url, or just paste the CSS code without any options included.
7. CSS Optimizer - this tool reads CSS just like a browser would. So using hacks which are browser specific will give random results, make sure any hacks are removed before use.

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