Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to create Your Own Free Forum

How to create own forum? how?
today I will explain how to create a free forum itself. Maybe I will not explain it completely, but it is useful to you.
I use the WebService from Forumotion.com. Web that provides the facility to manufacture and complete a free forum with the theme of a given theme.

#1 Go to www.forumotion.com, then create a forum, to be precise under create a blog. There, in the order you choose the theme / layout for your forum. If you've click "Continue", will be out the registration form to create a forum.
#2 Recheck your admin password. Then be ready to have their own forum with the domain you have chosen.
Examples of my forum address you can access here: www.gecok.forumotion.com

Hopefully Helpful


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