Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Make Like Box (Box Fans) for Blog

How do I make like box (box fans) for the blog,
This method is very useful to improve your blog fan on facebook, could also be your own fans. hehe
So what? Was interested? If you are interested, please follow the following manner I give.

How do I create a page on facebook?
Click here to create a page on facebook: Create a Page
Log on facebook, Consider this picture below. Click Ads and Pages, If your yard is more than one select the one that wanted the fans make the box. Edit the page, Then with a click promotes Like Box.

You will go into the settings for like your box. Consider Facebook Page ID (?), And note the address bar of your facebook. Page Move your ID there. For example see picture below.

For example the picture "like box" my blog:

If it is click "Get Code", then its code will appear. Copy and paste the code and put that on your blog.

Hopefully useful.


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