Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spyware Cease v6.4.1 anti keylog trojan + leading + key

Spyware Cease v6.4.1 Full | 27.3 MB

Spyware Cease is the Windows antispyware program won numerous awards, which can be used to effectively protect your computer against attacks of different spyware that can generate unwanted pop- ups, slow computer performance, or steal your privacy without you knowing it!
Industry leading hardcore antispyware technology
Spyware Cease ™ offers technology-oriented protection against the latest threats of spyware such as keyloggers, trojans, adware, malicious cookies tracking, browser hijackers, worms, phishing attacks and other malicious spyware attacks effectively eliminate unwanted pop-ups, minimize identities thieves and speed up computer performance. Furthermore, Spyware Cease ™ enables real-time protection in the background, which recommends user to take action when any program attempts to your computer's registry.
Effective protection of your personal information
Spyware Cease ™ is the leading antispyware technology for industry protection of your privacy. It can protect your personal information by effectively removing malicious cookies and delete Internet tracks left behind. With Spyware Cease ™, you can be sure that your online activities such as shopping, banking transactions and Internet surfing, are safe with full confidence!
Enhance computer performance & enrich computer experience
You need not upset with the poor performance on a PC with a spyware attack again. Spyware Cease ™ can enhance PC performance by identifying and removing spyware programs that eat memory and CPU, as well as conservation of computer resources and minimizing interruptions to ensure stability and sufficient PC performance.

Features and Benefits
• Scan Technology
• Real-time Protection
• Remove Rootkit effective
• Diagnostic system (New!)
• Check BHO Registry
• Skip Search unrest
• Protection Registry, IE (New!)
• Identity Thieves Password
• Check your browser, file system
• Detecting Malware deception
• Block pop-ups, Erase Tracks
• 1-Click operation
• On-Demand Scheduling
• Improve PC Performance
• To conserve PC resources
• Free Technical Support
• Regularly update database
• The Send by E-mail
• 100% Money Back Guarantee
Network Sites • Stay safe
• Remove Malwares meat on system resources
• Improve Internet Browsing Safety
Size: 27.9 Mb
Platform: Windows 200/XP/Vista/7
Official Website | Home: Spyware Cease - Anti Spyware Made Easy. Free Spyware Scan
Interface: English
SC's main interface consists of four main parts:
Scan: Scans the entire system to check whether your computer is not infected with spyware. There are two scanning modes: Quick scan and full scan. The first time you should spend a little time to run a full scan, the following may just run a quick scan is
Guard: Includes 4 items
+ Shield: protect your computer from spyware attacks on your system and web browser (only IE)
+ Black list: Contains programs have been isolated.
+ White list: If you know which applications are harmless as IDMan.exe (for Internet download manager) ... are you here to SC to ignore them the next time.
+ Log View: Record of reports made to the SC when you installed on your computer since.
Analysis: If you suspect that a certain application and need to see more of it, then you select the application name, then press the Save button. SC will output a *. txt file to your report
Tools: The tool further
+ File Shredder permanently delete files.
+ Startup manager: custom applications start with Windows.
+ Backup registry: registry backup utility.

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