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Fresh RAM Powerful Treatment v5-RAM Defragmenter Full

Fresh RAM Powerful Treatment v5-RAM Defragmenter | 3.51 MB

One of the main conditions to comfortably work on the computer response time is faster: the application should start in just a millisecond, most of all the functions to be executed immediately. Besides the response time of the operating system and applications depend strictly on the amount of memory space can be used.

Fresh RAM is a software that allows this situation to improve efficiency, optimize the system and how applications use memory, as well, thereby speeding up the whole of your work without cost for new hardware.

Fresh RAM algorithm provides a sophisticated analysis of memory from the program, while still ensuring the interface is simple, understandable and attractive: you always see the current status of system memory as well as choosing the complexity of the algorithm used (the choice between speed and efficiency) as well as running the best option. Within a few minutes you can feel the freshness of the system - everything runs like the wind! In addition the program also offers several tweaks for Microsoft Windows XP, allowing you to optimize your computer's performance more.

Not only that, Fresh RAM also provides optimal memory task to a new level with version 5.0, we also integration options to optimize memory as well as custom automated process to identify the use of RAM Application Process Identifier RAM Usage. RAM Usage Process Identifier will help you understand what applications take up more memory as well as allowing one to control them, while the options to optimize memory will automatically ensure that memory is always ready when you need it to most.

Key Features:
- Improve computer performance significantly by optimizing the memory space for Windows and applications.
- Allow applications and games run faster and take more RAM as possible.
- The option to optimize advanced automatic guarantee of free memory is always ready when you need it most.
- Speed up Microsoft Windows XP operating further refined with additional systems.
- Identify the processes accounted for the most memory-intensive, so you can learn how to optimize use of system resources.

System requirements:
- CPU: 500 MHz
- RAM: 64 MB
- Storage: 25 MB

What's new in this version:
- Added support of Windows 7
- Added a new startup screen
- Added help file
- Added system tray menu
- Added: analysis using RAM
- Improved: Optimized automated identification
- Fixed crash optimized automated identification
- Added settings automatically identifies battery state
- Increase the time period of automatically identifying the percentage of CPU and RAM
- Fixed: Memory overflow pie chart
- Supplement: The monitoring system (CPU status, memory & battery)
- Fixed: the bug does not save the settings tweak Windows XP
- Added Windows XP automatically identified to make adjustments
- Fix: buffer overflow error distribution graph
- Improve the mechanism to create a general report
- Improved: use less memory when running in the background
- Many significant improvement over the optimal algorithm RAM
- Ability to identify what should not automatically clean RAM
- Fixed: problems caused by slow moving contents of RAM to pagefile on a disk file (still needed for optimization tasks maximum)
- Added keyboard shortcuts for quick access
- Added: 30 days trial period 30 times instead of using
- Added registration system more user friendly
- Added new installer improvements
- Fixed: installation error when registering a certain installation files

The main interface of Fresh RAM usage level display RAM and CPU's current system. The software offers users the optimal level 4 RAM:

- Leakage optimization: some software, for whatever reason (usually due to errors in the use or design), after the end user, but still account for a portion of RAM. This causes waste. Leakage Optimization will help you eliminate this waste.

- Quick optimization: optimize memory mode is more effective than the mode, which helps free up more computer memory than RAM, but also will take more time to conduct more.

- Powerful Optimization: same as above, this level would be effective and recovery is much more memory capacity, but it will take more time to proceed.

- Maximum optimization: the optimal level is the most effective memory and will also take time to implement. You should use this level on the main computer configuration when you need to activate and use the high demand for software configuration.

Depending on the purpose and use requirements, you should choose the appropriate level, and then click System Optimize RAM Now the software to start its work. You should use each level in turn, to level any more free RAM at least it should stop there.

Note: in case you collapse the software to the system tray, to open the main interface, right-click the software icon and choose Show Main Windows .

Optimal automatic mode:

In the course of using the computer, you do not want to bother themselves must continue to use Fresh RAM optimization and memory management? You can let the software automatically performs this task.

To do this, click on the Configure Autodetect Options (in the left menu on the main interface). In the new interface in Section Enable autodetect of RAM Optimization .

- Items Every Optimize RAM allows the user to set the period of time to perform automated software optimization.

- See Below If RAM is set levels of memory space to perform automated software optimization (ie, when memory space at the level set by you, the software will do its job to free more RAM, more space can be used.)

- Same as above with the CPU Usage And is Below .

When the system reaches a level set on the third (after 30 minutes, or RAM, CPU utilization exceeds the permitted level), Fresh RAM will automatically optimize to avoid system crashes.

- Items Using the Following Level Optimization allows users to set optimal levels to Fresh RAM automatically used whenever needed.

Note: Features Autodetect Optimization RAM will affect the duration of the laptop battery. Therefore, in case you're using a laptop battery, do not use this feature.

Finally, click Autodetect Save Settings to save the selected settings.

In summary, Fresh RAM is software that is appreciated by users worldwide and the ability to optimize memory management. With the help of this software, you can prolong the use of their computer before deciding whether to "steep purse" to add more RAM memory or not.

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