Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FixCleaner 2.0.4040.500 Full

FixCleaner 2.0.4040.500 Full | 9.11MB

FixCleaner : optimization to speed up the comprehensive system
With friendly interface, various utility functions - especially with just simple mouse clicks the user can easily optimize and clean your system with FixCleaner.
On the Home tab of the interactive interface provides six main functional group is responsible for cleaning and optimization system ( System Cleaner : clean and repair errors - redundant data on the system, Junk Cleaner : liquidation the redundant data by the use of software, Privacy Cleaner : liquidate the entire history of computer users to ensure user privacy, ActiveX Cleaner : detection and disposal of potentially harmful ActiveX components hidden in the system, PC Optimizer : optimization of components needed to speed up your system, Software Updater : help manage the updating of the necessary components such as Windows fixes, Flash, Java system an easy way ....) is suitable for users with little knowledge of computers.
* Click 1-Click Scan button to activate the program works.

Figure 1 * Note: for the three options for cleaning, tweaking the system error and delete the history of computing, you can click the Options button to customize the corresponding attribute if users do not want choice default program.
Card T ools offers five main functional groups with different features 16 modules that help to refine a comprehensive system suitable for professional users.

Figure 2 * PC Optimizer : provides optimal method to speed up the system, you will find here a lot of system configurations to suit different usage needs (household, stationery, coffee used for Wi fi, for school ...). Select suitable type of configuration, click the Optimize program to automatically optimize, then reboot the system.

Download trial FixCleaner here .
* Startup Manager : management applications that run at startup with Windows (you will easily enable or disable an application it any easier to list just one click). * Uninstall Manager : manager applications are installed on your system (from here you can uninstall any application that does the most stubborn safely to improve space on hard drive).
* Repair Errors : to repair the fundamental flaw of the system common (especially in the IE browser version 6 and 7 old).
* Optimize Memory : optimize the performance of RAM (very suitable for systems with low RAM resources).
* Disk Defrag : defragmentation for high-speed drives, to speed up the implementation of the application and use other resources.
* Optimize Internet : Internet connection optimization of the system, supporting many different Internet standards to choose from (choose appropriate line, click Optimizer, reboot the system after the optimization process completion of the program.)

Figure 3 * Clean ActiveX : if you regularly online, the ActiveX - malicious code (most of the Spyware, Trojan) attack on very large systems, this function will help you easily manage to ActiveX from it can remove them easily from the system.

Figure 4 * Re-Register ActiveX : also for protection against ActiveX, but is detected in the system configuration and upgrades - Windows Update error.
* System Updates : consists of three modules to help you manage and easily updated than the latest version of the upgraded components of Windows, Adobe Flash and Java library system (though not recommended if using Windows you do not have the legal right).
* Shredder : This is the function of helping destroy important documents using modern encryption algorithms so that others can not restore files you deleted by any program that Recover (included in the data security needs liquidation by the Add button / Add Folder, select cryptographic algorithms supported in the frame level Shred, Shred button to activate the process of destroying data.)

Figure 5 * Junk Cleaner : support for disposal of garbage data - redundant system because the working process.
* IE Tools : includes two features to support the management of BHO in IE and fix common problems such as IE browser (right occupied the home page, change the title in the status bar, no mouse interaction , disabled Internet Options ...)

Figure 6 Card Rescue : if the optimization process FixCleaner 2.0 makes your system unstable at a certain function, you choose to Card function corresponding Rescue conducted from FixCleaner> click to check mark time > Restore button> reboot the system is that it (the old state will be recovered intact.)

Home : http://www.fixcleaner.com/

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