Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lirik Kaca Mata Band - Dirty's

Lirik, Kunci gitar, Chords Gitar, Kord Gitar Kaca Mata Band - Dirty's :

When i see ur face
i feel like im a stranger
dirty like a monster
gonna wild
bcause i will never stoped
i want you to getting making love

for second time i`ve got a see you
i want to getting kiss you
and can you see like im a dore of you

* REFF :

This is guilty party was start over
we make it in the bathroom
gonna wild coz i will never stop
and i want you to getting making love

this crazy time was drop me at a bad
imagination give me a reason for
gonna wild coz im was too young

this crazy time disturb me at nite
i wannt to getting my time its comeback now
and its not too late..
to getting party tonight..

And thank you ..
for the 1st time we make it in the bathroom floor
we getting kisses and so we do
let's the making love

# ( so we do the better time 2X )


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